Article written by Geraldine Bedell

Agebomb is edited by Geraldine Bedell. Geraldine has for the last nine years been a writer and critic on The Observer; before that, she was a writer and columnist for The Independent on Sunday. She has also written for The Times, Telegraph, Mail and Express, and for many women's and general interest magazines. She is the author and presenter of radio documentaries, including I'm Doing It For Me, an exploration of the reasons underlying the desire for plastic surgery, and What Is A Wife? for Radio 4. Geraldine wrote a memoir about family and architecture, The Handmade House, (Penguin, 2005), and is the author of several novels, most recently The Gulf Between Us (Penguin, 2009), a story about prejudice, set in the Arabian Gulf. She co-edited The New Old Age for NESTA, and wrote the Make Poverty History Handbook. She is getting older.

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