Where are the clothes for older women?

older fashionI have a feeling that this may seem rather frivolous when compared to the problems that many older people experience. I celebrated my eightieth birthday last year and it seems that clothing stores are not in the least interested in the growing number of women who, although elderly, don’t wish to look dowdy.

I am a size eight and it seems to me that clothing manufacturers think I must be seventeen. My friends all talk about the same thing: we don’t wish to expose acres of flesh. Why can we not find simple, smart summer dresses with a sleeve that covers the upper arm and doesn’t have a neckline which plunges almost to the waist? A little more elegance is what we long for.

We don’t have lifestyles that demand haute-couture and we couldn’t afford it anyway, but we don’t wish to buy garments that are designed to make us look as if we are on the way to a day on the beach. The easiest option is trousers and top, which is fine but becomes tedious if there is no alternative.

As I mentioned, this seems trivial compared with some of the problems facing people as they grow old, but if we are still active and interested in life why shouldn’t we be able to find suitable clothes?

It seems that manufacturers and retailers have written us off. But there are plenty of us, and we still care about style and smartness and looking as good as we can, just as we always have.

I do understand loneliness and the difficulties that living alone can bring, and I know that anything that can boost confidence is very valuable.


One thought on “Where are the clothes for older women?

  1. Hi Iris,
    This is one of many problems my business partner and I have recognize in our society. No one markets to “seniors.” As this population is growing we have realized that this is a huge market which no one pays attention to and that is a huge mistake.
    We are forming a company called HipSilver where anyone 60 years old and older can go for literally anything they would want as “a person of certain age.” Our CEO is 71 and is creating this company because she wants one online location for all her needs and wants. We believe others desire this as well. Simplified online shopping and age-focused editorials focused on this demographic. Search “hipsilver” on Facebook to check out our page and feel free to spread the word! We’re hoping to launch the soon within the next couple of months.
    Keep up the good work! We love your pieces!


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